Recent Works

The VW Bus
11 x 15
Always wanted to own one of these, they’re such an iconic vehicle and conjure up a vagabond, free life style particularly attractive to artists. Add a reflected sunset blasting through the windows and it’s downright irresistible.

The Sculpture Atrium
The Sculpture Atrium
19 x 14
With all New York has to offer, we still try and make a point to spend one day in Central Park and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art when there. During our last visit a gentle spring rain was falling which lent another whole level of beauty to the park, and it’s always easier to enjoy a day at the museum when you’re not fretting missing a beautiful sunny day. I love this view and the gray light filtering in through the windows enhanced the quiet dignity.

Loashan Fishing Boats
11 x 15
This was a painting just waiting to happen. I purposely kept the background vague so as not to compete at all with the boats. Their tilt and angles gave them wonderful character, even if it made for a tricky drawing. The poles with flags were vital not only to add a little splash of warm complementary color, but to keep the foreground connected to the background visually. The rope leads the eye into the painting and right to the main boat.

Minneapolis Evening
11 x 19
Our good friends have a beautiful apartment in Minneapolis with an incredible view of the skyline from the rooftop. We always make a point to head up there to take it in when we visit. During a recent dinner party on a glorious summer day, we were treated to this scene, and the fading sun hitting the Basilica transformed Minnesota into Italy for a moment.

Traditional Dance
15 x 11
I had this photo for many years, having taken it during a workshop in Mexico. One evening we attended a wonderful performance by local dancers. I came upon it recently and just had to paint it. I don’t do many paintings where figures are this prominent, but they were such great colorful shapes first and foremost, and it was fun trying to capture a sense of movement.

Bridge Builders 15 x 20
Bridge Builders
15 x 20
A couple years ago the bridge into Hastings over the Mississippi River was replaced. This particular scene was too involved to do it justice on location, so I painted it in the studio. I wanted to get the emerging new bridge alongside the still-standing old bridge. I liked the impression of dust kicked up from the truck pulling away, and the small figures of construction workers add a sense of scale.

Door County Sunset
11 x 15
I’ve been painting a few more skies lately, watercolor is a great medium for capturing them quickly. One of the perks of living on the Great Plains is an unobstructed view of towering clouds, sunsets and storms. Artists taking part in the Door County Plein Air Festival are given a host family, and my wife and I have the great fortune of staying with a wonderful family who just so happen to have this view of the lake. Not too shabby.

Last Call
11 x 15
I found this scene on a recent painting trip to China with friends, and I loved the almost ‘film noir’ quality to it. Those tough little Chinese dogs are everywhere, and can be a bit unsettling if you come across several of them while painting alone in an alley. The title refers not only to the what I imagine is the dog’s owner about to call him home but also the dog getting ‘one last drink’.

Plains Drama
14 x 19
This is another of those ‘Midwestern sky’ paintings, and the fact it was being reflected into the melting ice in the farm fields was even more dramatic. Just a hint of farms and grain elevators on the horizon give it context, but I wanted nothing to compete with nature’s glory.


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