Recent Works 12/10/2018

11 x 15
I snapped a photo of this scene during the annual ‘Hootenanny’ at the Grand Marais Plein Air festival. I love the mysterious quality of nocturnes, which allows me to simply suggest forms and figures even more than I usually do. Much is left to the viewers’ imagination.

Frontenac Farm
14 x 20
The allure of this subject, besides the reflection of the barn in the small lake, were the tendrils of snow weaving through the forested bluff. I also loved the saturated gray tones throughout the scene.

Bench Warmers
11 x 15
A bit unusual to depict figures with their backs all to the viewer, but I imagined them taking in the beautiful spring scenery on a nice spring day in Central Park. The dark tree and shadow frame the scene and give it a sense of light and depth.

November Day in Duluth
15 x 20
The challenge of this painting was simplifying all the complicated shapes without sunlight and shadow. Despite the subjects lack of obvious beauty I find scenes like this very appealing with all the subtle greys.

Fog in the Valley
11 x 15
There are typically a handful of days in September where the nights are cool enough and the mornings warm enough to create these blankets of fog over the fields around our home. I enjoy working on damp paper to suggest the misty forms, and in this case the fog was a lovely blue set against the warm earth tones of the valley.

Scrapping the Ford
10 x 13
This small plein air painting was done during the PAPA gathering in Duluth, and I set it aside thinking I’d do a larger version in the studio. Months later I looked at it again and really liked how it brought the moment back to mind, and realized it didn’t need to be repainted, it was fine as is.

An Early Snow
11 x 15
This is a painting that represents my favorite time of year, as fall slowly turns to winter in early November. The patterns created by these first snowfalls around the remnants of crops in the fields, before a blanket three feet deep covers the midwest, are wonderful compositional elements.

Gaining Trust
11 x 15
I was fortunate to spend a week at the King of Hearts ranch in Colorado, where they do amazing work to rescue as many horses from kill pens as possible. The horses, in many cases, need to be trained to trust people again so they can be adopted, and this cowboy was a dedicated employee. A poignant moment, one of many experienced that week.

Western Wisconsin
14 x 20
One of my favorite subject-gathering drives is the winding highway between eastern Minnesota through western Wisconsin, between Hastings and River Falls. There are many beautiful farms nestled in amongst rolling hills, wonderful to paint any time of year but magical in the autumn light.



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