Recent Works-new 9/16/2018

Reading in the Tent
12 x 16
Painted from a reference photo taken during our rafting trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in June. We were there during the summer solstice and the days were long and beautiful. Heading to the tents while there was still a bit of light was the norm as we were all tired and knew more work was in store the next day.

The Pond
11 x 15
I liked how the trees in the foreground framed a nice spot for the boat. This was on a hot summer day and the colors reflect that. It’s unusual to have a landscape painting without any sky, but the intense blue of the water gives an idea how it looked.

Bridge Road
11 x 15
A favorite spot to bring my class when I teach on Cape Cod. Water on both sides of the road, an old wooden lift bridge, and a working harbor provide subjects galore. Here I was drawn to the fact that the low sun was hitting the building in back, but the foreground area was in shadow.

Precarious Trail
14 x 19
As we were breaking camp and loading into rafts and kayaks one morning, this train of horses came along on the opposite side of the river. What a great scene and a slice of times past.

The Lumber Yard
11 x 15
What a challenging subject. Not only was it difficult to keep the painting from getting too busy with all the separate shapes, but the wood pile was an enormous challenge to indicate simply. I softened the area with the dust cloud while the wash was still damp, it was a nice vertical ‘shape’ to counter all the horizontal aspects of the painting.

St. Johns Under a Tree
11 x 15
I walk the country roads around our small town for a bit of exercise, and the steeple of St. John’s Catholic Church is visible for most of it. There are several nice views over the fields back to town, but I liked the way the tree framed it here. Just a simple scene on a nice summer day.

Evening Stroll in the Village
15 x 11
I love our trips to New York each spring for the American Watercolor Society Exhibition, held at the glorious Salmagundi Club. We usually stay nearby and several artists get together for a nightcap or three after the show at one of the great taverns in the neighborhood. The rooftop water tank made for an interesting dark shape against the sky.

Sun on a New York Corner
16 x 12
Yet another painting from our trip to the great city in the spring. This painting was the featured step-by-step for an article written for The Artist magazine. Most difficult were the fire escapes, some in light and some in shadow. A very fun one to paint.

Trash Talk
16 x 12
One of my favorite new paintings, any time I can work a narrative into my work it just seems more interesting to me. Great light and shadows on the subject help of course. These gentlemen were having an animated discussion on a New York stoop, but the title also alludes to the fact that I left the garbage bags in.



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